Tourism in Aquileia

Aquileia, the second Rome

With its antique and opulent charm, Aquileia was one of the richest cities of the Roman Empire. Not for nothing, Aquileia was anciently known with the name of “Second Rome”. That charm, historical wealth and cultural liveliness are still present in this beautiful town - located in Friuli Venezia Giulia - of about 3.400 inhabitants.

A visit to Aquileia is in order even if you are a tourist passing by. The archeological excavations haven’t brought all it’s ruins to the light yet, but the ones found represent one of the best preserved evidences of the antique greatness of the Romans. Among the treasures, the Basilica, dating back to the year 1000, represents with its beautiful mosaics of the 4th century an unmatched example of religious architecture.

10 must see attractions

Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta of Aquileia

Paleo-Christian Museum of Aquileia

The Roman Forum of Aquileia

The National Archeological Museum of Aquileia

The Burial Ground of Aquileia

The sacred path and the river port of Aquileia

The Sud Halle of Aquileia

The Sud Halle of Aquileia

The Alpe Adria Radweg cycle path of Aquileia

Wines DOC from Friuli Aquileia